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Enclosed Trailers for Sale in Maryland

At C&C Manufacturing, we offer a wide variety of enclosed trailers for sale in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Our inventory is constantly updating — if you don’t see what you’re looking for online, stop in or give us a call to ask what we have for enclosed trailers for sale in Maryland.


We’re happy to help you find the perfect new or used enclosed trailer for sale to help with loading, hauling, storage, jobs, and more. Contact us today or drop by to check out our trailer inventory

The Benefits of a New Enclosed for Sale in Maryland

Maryland Enclosed Trailer FAQ

When buying an enclosed trailer, you want to consider the size and weight capacity you need and how much towing capabilities your vehicle has. Some enclosed trailers for sale have special features, like ramp doors, interior shelving, or ventilation, so make a list of additional features that could help you with your hauling needs. 

Enclosed trailer maintenance is actually fairly simple compared to other trailers. You want to keep the trailer clean, inspect it for any damage or wear, and lubricate moving parts such as hinges and latches. Check tire pressure, lights, and brakes periodically. 

To prevent rust on your enclosed trailer, you want to regularly wash the trailer to remove dirt and debris, especially after exposure to road salt or other corrosive substances. Apply a rust-inhibiting primer and paint as needed, and consider using a protective coating or wax. At C&C Manufacturing, we can help set you up with all of the tools and supplies you need for your new enclosed trailer for sale in Maryland. 

Ideally, you want to store your enclosed trailer in a dry, covered area to protect it from the elements. If outdoor storage is necessary, use a weatherproof cover and consider elevating the trailer on blocks to prevent moisture buildup and corrosion for long term storage. For short term storage, always check your locks, doors, and windows. 

To better secure your enclosed trailer, you can invest in quality locks for the doors and hitch, and consider installing an alarm system or GPS tracker. Park the trailer in well-lit areas with high visibility, and use wheel locks or chocks to prevent theft when parked.