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Trailers for Sale in Maryland


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C&C is proud to offer quality trailers at affordable prices in Maryland. Our inventory changes frequently with dump trailers, enclosed trailers, equipment trailers, and landscape trailers.

No matter what the job is or what you need to haul, we have the right trailer for sale in Maryland for you.

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Dump Trailers

Haul mulch and stones, remove debris and trash, and rely on dump trailers in Gaithersburg for dealing with heavy loads

enclosed trailers

Enclosed Trailers

Protect your wares from weather and theft, ensure secure transport, and get more storage space with enclosed trailers in Gaithersburg

Equipment Trailer

Equipment Trailers

Transport motor equipment, haul debris, move furniture, and carry supplies from job to job with equipment trailers in Gaithersburg

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Landscape Trailers

Designed for securing landscaping tools and hauling landscaping materials, our landscaping trailers in Gaithersburg get the job done

used trailers

USED Trailers

Browse our selection of used trailers for sale in Gaithersburg, MD for any and every job that you have

Selecting the Right Maryland Trailer for Sales

Selecting the right trailer for your needs is vital. An enclosed trailer doesn’t function the same as a landscaping trailer and a dump trailer isn’t always the best option for hauling equipment.


Our experts at C&C are happy to help you select the right trailer in Gaithersburg, MD for your needs. We’ll break down your hauling capabilities (including cargo weight), the right-sized trailer for the job, the distance you often need to travel, hitches, weather conditions, and more. Ask us any questions or get our professional opinion based on your needs.


We have crew members available for both novice trailer buyers and trailer experts. We’ll break down model differences, accessories, and towing features for those who know what they want but can’t select a model and if you’re new to buying trailers in Gaithersburg, we can help break down that process, too.


What to Consider When Buying a New or Maryland Trailer Sales?


What is The Primary Use of The Trailer?

First things first, consider what job you need the dump trailer, equipment trailer, or enclosed trailer for. Are you hauling sports equipment like ATVs? Are you interested in moving a lot of furniture? Can your products, tools, or wares be exposed to the elements?


While many trailers can do the same job, getting the right trailer for the job ensures optimal efficiency and use in the long run. Yes, you could store your landscaping tools on an equipment trailer, but would you prefer an enclosed trailer so nothing gets wet? Enclosed trailers also offer better security for some motor equipment but perhaps the load in and load out is not as easy as you’d like.


These are some of the first few considerations to make when deciding what new or used trailer in Gaithersburg you want to purchase.


What is Your Primary Towing Vehicle And its Capacity?

Knowing what vehicle you will use for your new trailer sales is important to ensure proper weight capacity. You can’t purchase a trailer for sale in Gaithersburg without first knowing the weight limit of your car or truck. Don’t forget – the weight limit for your vehicle is for both the trailer and the weight of your cargo.


The C&C team can help you gather those weight limits so you purchase the right equipment trailer, enclosed trailer, or landscaping trailer.


Consider Trailer Maintenance and Cost

Your trailer budget isn’t just the initial cost of the trailer, it’s the maintenance and upkeep your trailer will need after extended use. Consider how often a landscaping trailer or enclosed trailer in Gaithersburg will need the parts replaced after a certain amount of use. How did these compare to dump trailers or equipment trailers that may offer similar benefits?


If you’re not sure, the C&C experts can recommend trailers based on your expected amount of use and maintenance budget.


Do You Have a Place to Store Your Maryland Trailer Sales?

When your utility trailer is not in use, do you have a reliable storage location? Some people forget that their trailer budget should include storage fees. Consider where your landscape trailers in Gaithersburg will be when you’re in the off-season, or if the location you store your motor vehicles can also store your new equipment trailer, too.


Keep in mind trailer accessories you may need

When purchasing new trailer sales in Maryland from C&C, please remember to include the details of any trailer accessories you may need.


Trailer accessories for your new or used dump trailer or general utility trailer could be anything from lighting to racks. If you need to purchase new trailer parts in Gaithersburg, let us help you factor that into your budget and total cargo weight.


We want you fully equipped and ready to hit the road without missing a thing, so let’s make it happen.