7 Easy DIY Trailer Maintenance Tips and Tricks

Trailer maintenance is critical for a long-lasting trailer. Without regular trailer maintenance, you risk unexpected repairs, breakdowns, and even potential accidents while hauling precious cargo for your business or your clients.


To prevent these accidents from happening, you need to stay on top of regular trailer inspections and repairs. Our trailer experts make it easy – we’ve put together 7 easy trailer maintenance tips and tricks you can do yourself.


Your trailer is an investment – keep it running smoothly with these easy trailer DIY maintenance tips. It’ll help you run better, smoother, and longer. Plus, it will keep you out of the garage and spending more time on the road. 

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7 Trailer Maintenance Tips to Do Today

1. Stay on Top of Trailer Tire Pressure

Proper tire pressure is essential for safe towing and hauling. Before hitting the road for your next big job, check the tire pressure of your trailer tires using a reliable tire pressure gauge. You want to ensure all tires have the right pressure and aren’t underinflated or punctured during a job.


Even without risking a flat or a breakdown, underinflated tires can lead to poor fuel efficiency, uneven tire wear, and even blowouts. You’ll get more out of your trailer by always checking the tires, especially after long trips, heavy loads, bad weather, or working on a job site.

2. Inspect Wheel Bearings and Grease As Needed

Wheel bearings allow the wheels of your trailer to rotate smoothly. You want to inspect the wheel bearings of your trailer annually and grease them as needed for smooth travels.


Worn-out wheel bearings can cause friction and heat buildup, leading to premature wear and potential bearing failure, causing unexpected breakdowns. Regular greasing will help prolong the lifespan of your wheel bearings and ensure safe travels for every job. So, always stay on top of the grease and annual inspections. 

7 Easy DIY Trailer Maintenance Tips and Tricks

3. Maintain Your Trailer Brakes

Properly functioning brakes are non-negotiable for a towing and hauling trailer. You want to inspect your trailer brakes regularly to ensure they are in good condition. Check for any signs of wear or damage, and replace brake pads or drums as needed. Adjust the brake controller settings to ensure optimal braking performance based on your trailer’s load for an extra set of safety and protective measures.


Bad brakes mean uncontrollable stopping and potential risks to your cargo, trailer, and towing vehicle. You want to stay safe and legal on the road with properly functioning trailer brakes. If you need brake repairs, contact our trailer company in Maryland for trailer brake services in Gaithersburg.

4. Lubricate Hitch Components

The hitch is the connection point between your trailer and the towing vehicle, and it requires regular lubrication to prevent wear and ensure smooth operation. You never want to ignore your hitch when it comes to trailer maintenance.


Lubricate the hitch components periodically using a high-quality lubricant to reduce friction and prevent corrosion. Pay special attention to the hitch ball and coupler for seamless towing. If your hitch ever looks compromised, you want to replace it ASAP.

7 Trailer Maintenance Tips to Do Today

5. Check Lights and Electrical Wiring

Proper lighting is crucial for safe towing, especially when driving at night or in bad weather conditions. Your lights need to be in proper working order to stay safe and legal while on the road. Even in daylight, a blown light can be cause for a road stop and fix-it ticket fine.


Every month, inspect the trailer lights and electrical components regularly on your trailer to ensure they are functioning correctly. Replace any burnt-out bulbs, repair damaged wiring, and clean corroded connectors to maintain optimal visibility on the road. If you’re unsure about wire repairs, C and C Trailers in Gaithersburg offers trailer electrical services at competitive prices. 

6. Inspect Trailer Flooring and Walls

The flooring and walls of your trailer should be maintained just as your hitch, lights, and towing connections. The floors and walls are subjected to heavy loads and constant wear and tear during use which can reduce the lifespan of your trailer investment without regular maintenance.


Inspect the trailer flooring and walls for any signs of damage, such as cracks, rot, or warping. Repair or replace damaged sections to prevent further deterioration and ensure the structural integrity of your trailer. This can lead to better confidence on the road, no compromised jobs, and no unexpected accidents leading to loss of materials. 

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7. Perform Regular Maintenance Checks

In addition to the specific maintenance tasks mentioned above, it’s essential to perform regular overall maintenance checks on your trailer. This includes inspecting the suspension, checking for leaks, and ensuring all hardware is tightened securely.

By staying proactive with maintenance, you can catch potential issues early and avoid costly repairs down the road. Set up a monthly or seasonal trailer inspection on your schedule or swing by your trailer inspection station in Maryland for an annual check. This will ensure your trailer is operating properly and is road legal at all times. 

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Proper trailer maintenance is key to keeping your trailer in top condition and ensuring safe travels on the road. By following these seven easy DIY trailer maintenance tips and tricks, you can keep your trailer performing optimally for years to come.

Remember to schedule regular maintenance checks and address any issues promptly to avoid more significant problems. With proper care and attention, your trailer will continue to serve you well on all your adventures. 

Stay safe, stay legal.

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