9 Easy Ways to Maintain Your Trailer

Are you looking to get long-lasting durability out of your utility trailer? Landscape trailers, vehicle trailers, hauling trailers, enclosed trailers, and more are all put through grueling work. Maintaining your utility trailer is key to protecting both your investment and your cargo. 


To extend the life of your trailer, we have put together our top 9 tips for maintaining your trailer. We cover annual maintenance tips, storage recommendations, and how to inspect your trailer regularly for damages. By getting ahead of trailer repairs or breakdowns, your trailer will last longer and go further. 

9 Easy Ways to Maintain Your Trailer

Trailer Maintenance Checklist

1. Lubricate All Hinges Monthly

Never skip on the small details. When maintaining your trailer, you want to take proper care of all hinges, doors, and gates. Be sure to grease and lubricate these parts so they don’t become rusted or fail. Proper lubrication allows for even locking and easy opening as needed. This is an overlooked tip that will help your trailer last longer.

2. Brake Inspections Every 6 Months

Stay on top of regular trailer maintenance like brake inspections. Every six months, check all parts of the brakes, brake pads, and electric brakes. If you spot any wear and tear or damages, you want to schedule trailer repairs in Maryland ASAP to get ahead of any breakdowns. By doing your bi-annual brake inspections, you’ll prevent future failures of your trailer.

9 Easy Ways to Maintain Your Trailer

3. Rotate Tires Each 5,000 Miles

Keep an eye on your trailer mileage and be sure to rotate your trailer tires every 5,000 miles. Properly rotating your tires on a regular schedule will help prevent uneven tire wear and tear. This can help with tire longevity, prevent unwearing, and help with an even load. Tires that aren’t rotated are more likely to fail or cause uneven transportation.

4. Tire Pressure

While you’re rotating your tires, checking your brakes, and lubricating the hinges, always take the spare moment to check your tire pressure. A blown tire can damage both your utility trailer and your cargo. Avoid trailer breakdowns by making sure tire pressure is optimal for the terrain, weather, and cargo. This will also help you catch damaged tires before they blow, especially since tires are often in busy areas with lots of nails, screws, and other debris that can lead to flats. 

Emergency Trailer Repairs: What to Do When Your Trailer Breaks Down

5. Regular Weld Inspections

When a weld breaks, it can have severely damaging effects. You want to check your trailer welds at least every six months. Elements, wear and tear, use, or collisions can all compromise your trailer welds. Proper tire maintenance includes watching these welds for security and safety. Don’t hesitate to contact a trailer repair shop near you if you spot weakening welds or weather corrosion. 

6. Wiring Checks

Electrical failures can cause not only legal troubles but also collisions with your trailer. Properly functioning lights, braking, and more are all critical parts of trailer maintenance. Do an electrical check every six months. Be sure the lights are working, the electrical components are responding, and there are no damaged wires. If an electrical component fails, it can have damaging effects.

Wiring Checks

7. Safety Chains and Hitches

To ensure your cargo is always properly secured to your truck, always inspect the safety chains and hitches. Trailer accidents happen when trailer maintenance doesn’t include the safety chains. Your safety chains and hitches help ensure no runaway cargo or trailer accidents. This will help avoid costly trailer repairs from unhitched cargo.

8. Always Distribute Weight Evenly

When using your trailer, distribute the weight evenly and properly secure all items. Whether it’s a landscaping trailer or a utility trailer, your trailer will last longer when you properly distribute the weight. This will prevent uneven pressure from compromising the trailer. Securely attached cargo will also ensure no loose items can possibly damage the trailer or fall off and cause an accident. The more prepared you are, the better your trailer will last.

9. Store Out of the Elements

Proper trailer maintenance includes storing your trailer in a well-covered area when it’s not in use. If at all possible, move your trailer from the elements by storing it in a garage. Use a trailer cover or tarp if storing outdoors. Be sure to check all elements of the trailer before use and at least once a year to ensure the weather has not damaged. Watch for signs of wildlife damage as well. This trailer maintenance can dramatically help improve the lifespan of your trailer.

Equipment Trailer

Get a Trailer Inspection Today

If you’re at all worried about the state of your trailer, schedule trailer maintenance in Gaithersburg at CC Trailers. We help supply parts for both new and used trailers. We can help repair trailers or do trailer inspections to look for any damaged parts. By staying ahead of trailer maintenance, your trailer investment will last longer and let you do more jobs without having to worry. Call today.

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